Who We Serve

At SDG Communications, we believe that with the luxury of being a small company comes the obligation to treat the client like a friend, showing flexibility, helpfulness, and willingness to go the extra steps necessary to make a good job a great one. Over the years, we've developed highly-productive relationships with the following companies, to name a few...



percepto panaya sqream
clicktale amdocs Jacada
incredibuild software squarelogo 1606374137937 vatbox qm
anodot callvu pontis
Plimus  nova nanoRep
RADVISION zooz tactile
 PLYMedia GigaSpaces comigo
Optitex MyThingsMedia MediaMind
Idomoo PointGrab AppNext
XSight BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. Perion
OptimalTest Ltd. Matan Digital Printers  Revizer Ltd.
Taldor Ltd. Clockwork Solutions Ltd. Wizcom Technologies Ltd.
Imperative Networks Ltd. Ilient Ltd. Zoomix Ltd.
Ceedo Ltd. ENT - Exceptional New Technologies InfoCyclone
Prolify Ltd. Exerra Ltd. expobee
The Q Group, PLC Pulsar Ltd. Gamatronic
SandLinks Systems Anders Electronics charactr
Sagarmatha Control-See  Ness Technologies
radview Novatrans IBM XIV
sagivtech n trig cimatron
conduit atrinet   
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Cyber, Security, Defense 

cybernite cyberready cybersiem
otorio elbit.gif cyberbit
D-ID.jpg secdo.png shieldiot
aqua.jpg cyberstar.png lightcyber
webintpro.png incapsula.gif  luminate
Comilion siga.png cybergym
cyberint waveguard.gif ZeRTO
sixgill Mate Intelligent Video Ltd. topspin.png
odi neocleus.gif Vigilant Ltd.
Axxana Ltd. Safend Ltd. orsus.gif
GlobalSource Promisec New Noga Light
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Biomed, Medical Devices

Medinol petpace insightec
essence galmed datos
glucome genoox Argo Medical
Phibro medasense medialcs
Dentack Roei Medical novasight 
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Mobile, Telecommunications

Comverse Ltd. drivenets Veraz Networks
TelMap ECI Telecom DSP Group
Mobixell Ltd. Celtro Unipier Ltd.
Emblaze-VCON Ltd. FlashNetworks Ltd. Axismobile Ltd.
Siklu Ltd. Xeround Ltd. MobileMax Ltd.
emoze Ltd. Dai Telecom Ltd. Schema
Logia Group CTI2 Ltd. NovelSat
Zlango VBox Communications Appnext
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Financial & Industry

The IDB Group The GlenRock Group Elron Electronic Industries Ltd.
altshuler Ofer Hi-Tech Polar Investments
Infinity Venture Capital BRM Capital Magma Venture Partners
Valley Venture Capital Shrem, Fudim, Kelner VitalOp
Palram MG Equity Partners  liquidity